L'appel Du Vide

Wildish Woman in training. Jane Austen heroine in training. Doctor Who Companion in training. Vampire Slayer in training. Disney Princess in training. Waterbending master in training. Warehouse Agent in training. House Stark. Narnian. Battlestar call sign: Leopardess. Ravenclaw. INFJ. Occasional human being.
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this is literally the greatest video in the entire world

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I think my favorite thing in coulson’s office is his mini bus

#he probably takes it into the cockpit #and zooms it around beside melinda #like #hey melinda #melinda look #I’m flying the bus #inside the bus #I’m flying the bus while you’re flying the bus #melinda look at this #zoom zoooom #airplane noises #coulson pls #I am trying to fly this plane #this is what you asked me to do #coulson stop

#I can see it so easily tho#he probably did it for a week straight after he first brought Melinda onto the team#then one day she gave him a particularly severe look#and he just giggled one last time and left#and she was satisfied that he was finished#until she’s flying peacefully a few weeks/months later#and she just sees this grey spot out of the corner of her eye#and REALLY slowly#the replica of The Bus makes its way past her face#the airplane noises increasing in volume as more of it comes into view#until it’s passed her all the way and all that remains in the corner of her eye is Coulson’s stupid smile#and she has to take a deep breath and remind herself that it’s unprofessional to strangle co-workers who haven’t actively threatened her#’Look Melinda I’m flying the—’#’YES I SAW COULSON. GO PLAY WITH YOUR TEAM OF ADOPTED CHILDREN. I HAVE PILOTING TO DO.’
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i was looking up chicken noises to annoy my sister and now i can’t breathe

i used to have this on my phone someone help me, my childhood, its all coming back now

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